1 Jun 2015

Content Marketing Ideas for June & July 2015

In June & July 2015, content marketers have plenty of opportunities to connect with customers and prospects — producing articles, videos, graphics, and tools around holidays, summertime advice, entertainment, and decision making.

Content marketing is the practice of creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, interesting, and entertaining content with the aim of acquiring customers and making sales through engagement and relationships.

Here are some content marketing ideas that your business can use throughout June & July 2015.

1. British Flowers Week: 15 - 19 Jun 2015

British Flowers Week is the week-long celebration of British flowers and the UK cut flower industry, taking place from Monday 15th June to Friday 19th June 2015.
Now in its third year, British Flowers Week is the national celebration of seasonal, locally-grown flowers that is uniting the UK cut flower industry and inspiring the public to think about where their flowers come from.
  • Why not create a how to video on "How to make a flower arrangement" - horticultural retailer or Garden Centre
  • Do a look book with a range of clothing with floral patterns and designs and talk about the impact of flowers in fashion design - clothing retailer
  • Do a feature article about Popular British flowers or your British Flower Favourites - horti retailer.
  • Write an "Edible Flowers Guide"  and include some recipes - Food or Cafe Retailer

2. Father’s Day: June 21, 2015

Father’s Day is set aside to remind us just how influential a good father can be. It is a time to honor those dads who take responsibility, seek the best for their families, and willingly sacrifice their own wants at the parental alter.

Try publishing heartfelt stories about exceptional fathers related to your industry. As an example, retailers of workout equipment or fitness supplements have it easy. They can retell stories about dads like Dick Hoyt and Rick Van Beek, who have both pushed, pulled, or carried their disabled children on marathons and triathlons. Simply telling their stories can bring your audience to tears.

Other ideas include:
  • 10 Reasons why dads are the best - any retailer
  • Gift guide for father's day - think of ways to help make the gift-giving choice easy for your customers. A gift guide is a great way to do this. Offer suggestions by price and/or interest and use emails, social media and e-newsletters to group and highlight inventory along the same lines that appeals to Dad. Home Depot created a Gift Ideas board on Pinterst For Father's Day You could do something similiar to market products/services you sell for Father's Day. Then market that list to your customers in email marketing and on social media sites.
  • A celebrity-quote themed article to honor dads this year, with “50 inspiring, funny, poignant or just silly quotes about and from famous fathers,” including Barack Obama, Bill Cosby and even Shakespeare. Quotes are always a very popular and easy form of content to consider.

3. Offer Summertime Advice

The 21st of June is officially the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere, and it is a good time to offer summertime tips and suggestions. What’s more, content marketers in just about any industry segment can find good topics that will be both interesting and useful to their audience of customers and potential customers.

Here are a few examples of how some leading online retailers are blending summer tips and advice into their content marketing.

4. Further dates & topics for June & July Content Marketing Ideas:

  • Trooping the Colour - 13 June - Do a piece on "Everything you need to know about the Queen's Birthday Parade",  "Top 10 Royal Inspired Gifts fit for a Queen"
  • International Kissing Day - 6 July - "Our recommended favourites sure to make you lip smackingly kissable on international Kissing Day". Write a Guide on "How to be the best kisser", "Celebs Remember their First Kiss"
  • International Day of Friendship - 30 July -The International Day of Friendship is a United Nations (UN) Day with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, and cultures can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. Write "Friendship Day Inspired Quotes", "How will you show your friends how much they mean to you this International Friendship Day?", "Top 5 Ideas for Celebrating International Friendship Day".