2 May 2014

The Easitill website products

With Easitill, data that is fed to the tills can be automatically fed into your website to display offers and featured or new products etc with little extra effort from you or your team. This means the site tracks your tills without anyone having to re-enter data into a second system or making pricing mistakes.

Level 1

This level is perfect for all newcomers to the virtual world or for anyone wishing to simply re-vamp their site and online offering. It includes a presence only (your shop front window if you like), optional limited product offers and featured products. Examples of our work can be seen at www.blackbrooks.co.uk  and www.horticentre.co.uk.


Level 2

This level includes a presence and product list, a limited number of images, optional limited product offers and featured products. An example of this level can be seen at www.cobbscountrystore.co.uk. At this level product lists can have description and/or prices and the site can show plant availability details or similar.


Level 3

With this level you get a presence and product catalogue (there’s no basket or online payment gateway), unlimited images, limited product offers and featured products. Here’s an example of our work at this level: www.english-gaiter.co.uk.


Level 4

If you are looking for full e-commerce then this is what we can do: www.hawleygardencentre.co.uk