14 Mar 2014

What should small e-commerce businesses focus on?

In the ever expanding world of e-commerce it is important for small businesses to maintain their relevance to succeed. Key to this is staying ahead of the game and creating strategies that will help drive sales and customer happiness.

The following areas are particularly important for small businesses to focus on if they aren’t doing so already.

Be mobile

More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet and make purchases online. It is essential that small online retailers as well as larger ones incorporate mobile as part of their sales strategy.

At the very least websites should be optimised for mobile devices and have a clear purchase path across smartphones and tablets.

If your business is purely an online one then it is important to make sure you’re giving your customers a positive mobile user experience in all aspects of their visit.

Get personal

Often one of the biggest challenges for online retailers is matching the right products to the right customer. This is key for smaller online businesses in keeping them ahead of the competition.

Amazon was one of the first sites to recommend products based on what customers had previously purchased. This changed the way e-commerce sites had previously worked by making the customer experience more personal. Many other online retailers have since adopted similar strategies.

Implementing this effectively will not only encourage sales but also helps to build customer loyalty.

Create loyalty

It’s becoming increasingly easier for people to create e-commerce sites so competition is fierce and it is important to make sure you set yourself apart from the rest.

A key area for doing this is through customer service and satisfaction. It is important to focus on your processes and what can be done to enhance the customer experience and build loyalty.

Ways to do this could include free shipping, extended returns periods, order tracking, free returns and having a customer service support team available via all modern methods of communication including email, social media and phone.