25 Feb 2014

New technology helps garden centres make & save money

Garden centres can benefit financially from our latest Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) technology.                  

All our software is created in-house specifically for garden centres and nurseries and it allows them to improve their efficiency, reduce errors, increase security and increase turnover and retention.

One of the key areas where garden centres can make money from the system is by using it to record and target customers thus making marketing effort much more effective. Our EPoS system allows people to create loyalty schemes and give discounts to specific customers.

We can install a real-time set up that sends accurate product data to and from tills and master/back office as and when it happens. It can record accurate sales data using simple screen layouts, programmable touch screen keys and multiple button sets/layers.

The most important two aspects are how the system helps minimise errors associated with complex promotions, such as multi buys and mix and match offers, as it automatically calculates them. It also helps increase security by providing an audit trail of changes.