20 Feb 2014

A little bit about Easitill's MD Rob Gardner

Have you met our Managing Director, Rob Gardner?

Robert Gardner Easitill Managing Director (left) pictured here with his daughter Helen, Easitill's Technical Director.

Rob first set up Easitill in 1988 and has been providing EPoS systems ever since. He’s a bit of an entrepreneur and some of his first business deals were selling chicken’s eggs from the farm he grew up and worked on to fund his college education.

He prefers tea over coffee and can’t start a working day without a good brew. His proudest achievements are his children and the family business, which he runs with his daughters and his son-in-law.

When he’s not busy working he enjoys being by the seaside in Cornwall or Dorset but thinks Northamptonshire is pretty scenic too.

The Easitill business allows Rob to help small and medium-sized businesses realise their potential and how they can increase their profit.