8 Mar 2013

Google Shopping Listings Now replaced by paid Product Listing Ads in UK now too

You may remember we did an article in June 2012 about the fact that Google were changing how Google shopping results worked. Last year in the states Google rolled out the changes.The changes Google stated were that free Google Product Search (the ability to list your products in shopping results you see listed in Google through a data feed) will be no more. It will be renamed Google Shopping. All Google Shopping traffic will now be purchased using Product Listing Ads, managed through AdWords.

Well it looks like this has now finally been rolled out properly to Europe and will now be affecting our UK customers too. We have been contacted today by new website customers who Google Shopping products are now no longer driving traffic to their site and they have seem a dramatic drop in visitors thorugh their previously free listings. Unfortunately these changes mean that UK Merchants using the feeds will have to start paying for placement of their products they are uploading to Google shopping.

For further explanation on this please take a look at our articles we posted back last summer warning of the changes approaching.

Google Product Search Extinction