10 Jan 2013

Search Engine Optimsation Basics Webinar

We know that not all our information within blogs is easily digestible and can sometimes be overwhelming to read that sea of text, so we found this valuable audio/video presentation for you to listen to that was given by Groupon.com SEO Manager Jill Kocher, which accurately describes SEO and how to go about it on your website.

We hope this helps demystify the subject a little and also try and correct a lot of misinformation or misunderstandings you might have picked up along your quest for how to optimise your website to increase rankings and visitors.

A lot of the architecture Jill Kocher speaks about in this presentation is already taken care of as part of the design and build of the Easitill website but is useful to listen to if you wish.
The rest is definitely invaluable information about content and optimising it, link building and keywords.

We think the most key and important message that needs to be understood is at the beginning when Jill talks about keywords and choosing them. For example if you are selling a certain brand of item and you choose to optimise your site by putting that brand everywhere, that might be well and good for people who are already looking for that product and know the specific product brand and range name and search for that exact phrase in a search engine, but it is better to target more broadly than that. If you are selling equestrian products optimise your website with keywords and phrases which describe the types of equestrian products you sell, their uses etc. But also be sure to check Google keywords tool and your Google analytics to actually find out which key phrases people are actually searching for, then use these to optimise your site content.

Most importantly don’t just rely on your product pages. Try and drive traffic by creating content pages within your ecommerce site aside from your products which are optimised for specific keyword phrases to make people you want to attract who are searching for these phrases land on your site. Write articles for example "Our Favourite Warm Winter Coats this Season" and write all about "winter coats", and "warm winter coats", do some reviews of products you stock and talk about each one and include links to the product pages. SEO is about serving up information which relates to keywords people are actually searching for (not just what you think) and obviously giving searchers what they want when they get there.