7 Dec 2012

Create a successful website - FULL GUIDE

Easitill, as a company that builds websites, is often asked for their opinion after a website goes live, on why it isn't performing better (be it the number of visitors or sales are low)- whether it be one we have built or someone else has built we often hear this question being asked.

We at Easitill try and disseminate and convey as much information as possible during the building of a website project, write guides, blog articles (like here), manuals as much as possible, we'll even analyse a website free of charge and offer explanations and reasons for this and recommend ways of improving a website, but somewhere along the way the information, lessons and messages still seem to get lost or forgotten.

The primary lesson to be learnt is that websites need constant attention, detail and planning to be a success. Any business needs hard work, marketing and ongoing attention to succeed - a website is no different.

In order to try and assist people further whether it be with one of our own websites or another and the build and launch of it, we have written an "ultimate guide" which hopefully covers everything you should know and consider when building your website and going forwards after going live with it.

To download our comprehensive guide on "Building a Successful Website" please click here.