27 Jun 2012

Google Product Search Extinction

On May 31, 2012, Google announced a game changing move in how retailers will use the search engine giant to generate sales.

Here’s the lowdown: Free Google Product Search (the ability to list your products in shopping results you see listed in google through a data feed) will be no more. It will be renamed Google Shopping.
All Google Shopping traffic will now be purchased using Product Listing Ads, managed through AdWords.

Your Google Merchant Center account stays the same (but will soon only be used to push your shopping feed data to Product Listing Ads). The retailer shake-up is about to begin. According to Google’s official blog post on the subject, they assure retailers that “Google Shopping will empower businesses of all sizes to compete effectively—and it will help shoppers turn their intentions into actions lightning fast.”

The outcome of this shift will be dependent on many factors.
Who knows… Google’s optimistic hopes just might be realized in the coming months.

This full Google Product Searh change over will not be completed until 15 August 2012 however so there's still time to get to grips and prepare for the change.  

Easitill are investigating if this will affect the data feed we currently allow you to export to upload to Google Product Search results our end through the Easitill EPoS Function "Google Export".

However your end you also need to be proactive in understanding the migration and how to get your products into Google still and the changes you will experience in your Google Merchant account because of this new paid ad only way of listing your products in google shopping search results.

We have found the following guide from ROI Revolution - http://www.roirevolution.com which explains all.

Click here to download the Guide from ROI. 

Having a Google Merchant Center feed is not going to be anything new to most retailers who were already enjoying the free results from Google Product Search. The main result for retailers is to make sure their feeds are cleaned up with current inventory, current and complete pricing, and accurate product data. By requiring a cleaner feed, Google will help increase search result relevance and reliability while weeding out unreliable retailers who are more focused on quick traffic than their customers’ satisfaction.
To stay relevant retailers must ensure their products, descriptions, and pricing in the feed is accurate and up-to-date if they want a chance to show in the results on Google Shopping. Retailers should take the time to examine their feed and make sure it is ready for implementation through Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping.